[Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

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[Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Nutrion on Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:58 pm

1. Character Information

Name: Nutrion.
Class: Warlock.
Race: Orc.
Professions: Tailoring and Jewelcrafting.
Current Realm: Sunstrider.
Talent Speccs:
- Demonology: Unable to link due to forum restrictions - Search Armory for Nutrion (Sunstrider).
- Affliction: Unable to link due to forum restrictions - Search Armory for Nutrion (Sunstrider).
Gear: Unable to link due to forum restrictions - Search Armory for Nutrion (Sunstrider).
Logs: I regrettably cannot produce any logs from Firelands, as my current guild has not been uploading them. I realize this is important for you, to get a grasp of how good, or what kind of player I am. The only thing I can show you to give you an idea of this, is a video of the first Ragnaros kill in my current guild: Unable to link due to forum restrictions - Search youtube for "TFF Ragnaros".

General Information:
I have been playing on my warlock since vanilla, although, at times as an alt. It started out as my main throughout vanilla, but I rerolled a druid during TBC. I returned to my warlock at around ICC launch during wrath of the lich king, and it is the character I have been raiding with as my main in cataclysm.

My gear is currently mostly Firelands gear, but I do still have a few older pieces, both 372, and 359. I have the 3 pieces of tier from Valor point, but have been unlucky with drops on Majordomo and Ragnaros, and have yet to see a Conqueror token, so I am sadly still without my 4 set. My rings are among my weakest point in my gear at the moment, however I will be getting the Valor point ring the upcoming reset (24th).

I choose to mainly play Demonology at the moment, as I believe it is the strongest specc for a warlock, at least in a 10man environment. Theoretically affliction is slightly higher in singletaget dps, but in reality, demonology beats or equals affliction on all bosses in Firelands, with the exception of Alysrazor if you are flying, while buffing your raid with 10% Spell power, having greater AoE potential, as well as great burst through Cool down usage.

My professions are chosen to provide me the best possible boosts. Tailoring provides the cloak enchant, which is currently considered the top caster dps perk. And Jewel crafting provides the 67 intellect gems, which amounts to an extra 81 intellect over regular gems.

My gemming revolves around 1 thing, maximizing my intellect. This means I gem 40 intellect in practically everything, with the exception of a few rules: a socket bonus with a secondary stat of 30 , or a socket bonus of 20 intellect.

My aim with reforging is to gain as much hit from other secondary stats as possible, up to the cap. My best stat aside from hit is mastery, which is where my focus is put. At the moment I have chosen not to go under the haste plateau for the extra immolate tick, which is at 1573 haste. I have seen some warlock going all out on mastery, ignoring the extra tick and the cast speed increase, and it is something I probably will play around with in the future.

The consumables I use in a raid are pretty standard: the 300 intellect flask and the 80 intellect buff food. This is of course because intellect provides the highest dps boost for a caster.

Alternative Characters:
I have a few alts, however most of them are inactive, as they are on my old alliance realm, and I do not really feel like splitting my focus between 2 realms, so I rarely play them.

Climatic – Level 85 paladin: My main alt is currently a paladin, mainspecced as protection, with holy as an offspecc: Unable to link due to forum restrictions - Search Armory for Climatic (Sunstrider).

I Enjoy playing this alt on the side, and have lately been trying to make alt raids in my current guild, however without too much success. I plan on migrating this alt along with me, as the only one.

My other notable alts are all on Grim Batol, alliance.

Enzym – level 85 druid.
Nerelia – level 85 hunter.
Nutrion – level 85 warrior.
Shadowblind – level 82 priest.

2. Personal Information

Name: Claus.
Age: 20.
Location: Denmark.
Occupation: Working at a local store at the moment, however I am done with that job on the 30th of this month, as I am starting at the University on the 1st of September.

General Information:
In real life I currently work in local store, to make some money before I return to school after a year off. In my free time I spend time with friends, going out, working out at the gym, and obviously, playing World of Warcraft and other games.

In-game I am very dedicated to whatever I do. I always strive to be the best player I can, which means I do all I can to learn everything about my character, and the raiding environment I am going to be playing in. When I join a guild I like to get involved in it, instead of just being a raidlogger. I often play alts outside of raiding times, and I like to get involved in the community within the guild, since, as we all know, community is a VERY big part of keeping this game interesting.

I much prefer progress raiding, and mostly view farming as a tool of progression, much the same view I have on gear. While getting gear is nice and cool and all, it is of no use if it is not spread amongst the raid group properly, so that the guild will be stronger as a whole.

Raiding Availability:
I am available for raiding every day from 18.00 – 01.00, Mostly however I would prefer not to start earlier than 18.30-19.00 though, to have time to relax a bit after work, make dinner and eat.

In the weekends (Friday and Saturday), I can be available if needed, but often I will be going out at least 1 of these days, so I do not expect to be counted on to be online during weekends very often.

I have earlier in my raiding “career” held around 95-99% attendance in a 5 days a week raiding guild, while also doing weekend 10mans. While I do not wish to raid close to 7 days a week again, I do not believe I will have a problem keeping a near 100% attendance, while raiding 4 days a week.

3. In-game history

I started playing World of Warcraft around May 2006, and have been playing ever since, without any major breaks .

Solidarity: This was my first guild in World of Warcraft. I joined them shortly after reaching level 60, as I had a couple real life friends playing there. Solidarity was, and still is, a very casual raiding guild, where the social part of the guild comes before raiding. This made the guild a nice place to start out for a new raider. I ended up leaving the guild during The Burning Crusade as I wanted more from the raiding side of the game, and I felt I had progressed beyond the guild in that aspect.

Soul Sworn Seven: Was the guild I joined after leaving solidarity, and at this point I had also rerolled onto a feral druid, playing as a tank. While Soul Sworn Seven was not what you would call a “hard core” guild, the bar was still a lot higher than what it had been in Solidarity, and I got to progress a lot as a player. With SSS I cleared MH and BT, and then summer hit. The guild slowly fell apart due to people finding new places to raid as the guild had a hard time keeping raids going during this period, and eventually the officer decided it was not worth it to try and rebuild for Sunwell.

The Avowed: Was a guild started by me and an in-game friend, shortly before Wrath of the Lich King. The goal was to have steady progress with a light raiding schedule , while keeping a good community in the guild. We somewhat succeeded during the opening content, clearing it before ulduar, although, it was no great feat considering the difficulty of the content. At the time ulduar arrived we started having trouble keeping raids going properly. We had a lack of raiders, and a lack of attendance from the raiders we did have, which led to cancelled raids, and raids without 25 players. At the same time, the guy I started the guild with, who were also the main raid leader, as well as one of the main tanks, decided to quit the game. This all lead me to move on from The Avowed.

Velocity: Was a guild that had migrated to Grim Batol during TBC, originally under the name of Splinter, and reformed under the name Velocity in Wrath of the Lich King. When Soul Sworn Seven crashed, some of the officers and core members joined this guild, so I already knew a few people in the guild. Velocity was raiding at a much higher level than what I had done before, getting server 1st immortal, and Yogg’Saron server 2nd during the first week of Ulduar. Not to mention their 5 days a week raiding schedule with optional 10mans during the weekends. I joined the guild at the start of Hardmode progress, and stayed with them until we had killed Anub’Arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader. During this time we managed a full Ulduar clear, except 0light, and obviously full Trial of the Grand Crusader. After we had killed Anub’Arak, the guild fell apart, and it had been in decay for a while already at that point. There was a lack of leadership, with only 1 real officer, and we lacked several key raiders to have a strong team.

Balance: was the guild I moved onto after the Velocity crash. This guild had been at the top of the realm since vanilla, and was in the world top 50 during Trial of the Grand Crusader. I joined them, and passed my trial on my feral druid tank, but with Icecrown incoming, I was asked to reroll onto my warlock, as the other maintank in the guild was also a druid, and using 2 ferals would only hinder progress in the upcoming content patch. Unfortunately I ran into computer issues before we started hard modes in Icecrown, and I had to step down to a social rank, as I did not have the money to repair at that point. Balance migrated away to a much lesser populated realm, and as I was only raiding in PuG 10mans, I choose not to follow onto a dead realm.

After a while I got some fixes for my computer and I started raiding in a weekly ICC25 man “PuG”. We managed to clear 10/12 HM before the raids were stopped.

Hallows: In preparation for Cataclysm, I joined a newly started guild, made by some people I had previously played with in Velocity. I migrated to Sunstrider to play with them. The guild started up raiding before Cataclysm, and managed to down Lich King and Halion hardmode before Cataclysm, although after 4.0.1.
We had a decent start in Cataclysm, but already during Christmas the guild fell apart, caused by more than 10 core members leaving the guild because of internal problems.

After this, i transferred back to Grim Batol to play with some people I had played with during the weekly ICC PuG.

Deus Ex Machina: Was the guild I joined, which was run by the same people who ran the weekly PuG back in Icecrown. It was a 10man guild, with a very casual raiding schedule of 2 raids pr. Week. Despite this we had very good progress for our time invested, and were at 8/13 hardmodes when we stopped raiding more than 2 months ago. The reason for stopping raiding was that several raiders were a bit tired of the content, and wanted a break, so it was decided to stop raiding, and restart again for Firelands.
However, quite a few of the raiders do not want to come back, so the guild will not be starting up raiding again for Firelands.

One Piece: After realizing that Deus ex Machina would not be starting up raiding I got in contact with a friend I had played a lot with in the past. He had recently come back from a break and had joined a pretty newly started guild. I decided to apply as they seemed to match a lot of the criteria’s I had in a guild. However the guild was a failure, as the leading was far from optimal, and players started to leave already after the first few raids, and the guild ultimately fell apart after only a reset in Firelands.

The Filthy Few: I joined this 10man guild after One Piece fell apart. It is a semi casual guild, raiding 3 days a week, however it had promises of a hardcore view on raiding, within those 3 days. However, even though the social part of the guild is great, the raiding side is far from optimal. A lot of the members continually underperform, and is either plain bad, or very unstable in the performance. Secondly several raids has been cancelled, or we have had to stick to farming, instead of progressing, because people doesn’t show up, which is a big no-no for me, especially when you only have 3 raids a week. Obviously I understand thing can happen and a raid can get cancelled, but not as often as it has here.

Summarized Raiding experience:


Zul’Gurub – Cleared.
Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj – Cleared.
Onyxia – Cleared.
Molten Core – Cleared.
Blackwing Lair – Cleared.
Temple of Ahn’Qiraj – 2/9.

The Burning Crusade

Karazhan – Cleared.
Zul’Aman – Cleared.
Gruul’s Lair – Cleared.
Magheridon – Cleared.
Serpentshrine Lair – Cleared.
Tempest Keep – Cleared.
Mount Hyjal – Cleared.
Black Temple – Cleared.
Sunwell – 1/6 (post 3.0.2).

Wrath of The Lich King

Naxxramas – Cleared.
Obsidian Sanctum – Cleared 3D.
Eye of Eternity – Cleared.
Vault of Archavon – Cleared Earth, Wind and Fire.
Ulduar 10 – Meta achievement, 0Light and Algalon.
Ulduar 25 – Meta achievement, 0light and Algalon.
Trial of the Grand Crusader 10 – Insanity.
Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 – Mad Skill.
Icecrown Citadel 10 – 11/12 HM.
Icecrown Citadel 25 – 12/12 HM.
Halion 10 – Cleared HM.
Halion 25 – Cleared HM.

Lich King 25 hardmode, aswell has Halion 25 hardmode, was done after 4.0.1.


Blackwing Decend – 5/6 hardmode.
The Bastion of Twillight – 2/5 hardmode.
Throne of the four Winds - 1/2 hardmode.
Firelands – 7/7 – 1/7 HM.

4. User Interface

UI Screenshot:
Unable to link due to forum restrictions - Search Youtube for "TFF Ragnaros". Not technically a screenshot, but it shows you what I play with. It’s pretty standard, but it has what I need.
I try to keep most of the things I need to keep track of at the bottom of my screen and retain a somewhat clear around my character, so I can see what is going on around me at all times.

5. Technical specifications

Computer specifications:
AMD Phenom II 4 cores p960 1,6G, 8GB ram and an ATI Radeon HD 6650 1GB GFX.

The computer I am playing on is a laptop I have recently bought. I choose a laptop over a desktop, as I will need it for school in not so long, and I cannot afford both a desktop and a laptop. Regardless, this laptop is much better than my old computer, and I can run the game in high-ultra graphics without problems.

Internet connection:
My connection is 10/1 Mb/s, provided by TDC, one of the biggest providers in Denmark. It has always been very stable, and I only remember having issues with it once, during the 6 or so years I have had this connection.

6. Why Epidemic?

I am looking for a guild that has long-term promise, as I am tired of guilds going down, or basically being too bad to live up to its own expectations. I like the foundation your guild is built on, from what I have read about it, and it seems you have a stable group of players, that will ensure the guilds survival.

Secondly, I am looking for a guild that lives up to my expectation of a raid guild. A group of players with the same mindset, to be the best they can, and keep their performance high at all times.
Looking at your progress, you obviously know what you are doing, and i feel like I would fit in well in a guild such as yours.

7. Why should you invite me?

You should invite me because I believe I can be a great addition to your Guild.

In a raiding environment I have high expectation of myself, so I always do my best to optimize my performance. A big part of my time in the game has been used in a hardcore raiding environment, and I know how to function in a team, and cooperate with my fellow raiders.

I am a social person as well, and I enjoy playing outside of raids, having fun on vent or the likes, so I believe I can bring something to the social part of the guild as well.

A practical note that is somewhat unrelated to my application, is that his upcoming Wednesday (the 24th), I will be working until 19.15. This is a onetime shift however, and I will be stopping at my current job the 30th, for school, which will never interfere with raiding hours.


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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Panzur on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:34 pm

I fixed forum, you may now post links


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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Mayfil on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:45 pm

Nice application.
But are you able to play affliction as well?

"I also want to inform you that I have no glyphs, I havnt had need for it so far"

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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Panzur on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:51 pm

I feel confident enough to say, without speaking to the others; Welcome to Epidemic, I believe you are what we are looking for. Contact Dized, Otsana, Mayfil or myself Panzur in game for invite and possible questions. Questions may ofc also be asked here on this forum.


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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Nutrion on Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:33 pm

Mayfil wrote:Nice application.
But are you able to play affliction as well?

Yes, definitely. If affliction enables me to preform better on a certain fight, without hurting the raidgroup too much from loosing the SP buff, i will play affliction. Say, on alysrazor, if i would be flying.

Panzur wrote:I feel confident enough to say, without speaking to the others; Welcome to Epidemic, I believe you are what we are looking for. Contact Dized, Otsana, Mayfil or myself Panzur in game for invite and possible questions. Questions may ofc also be asked here on this forum.

Sounds great. I will be finishing up some stuff on Sunstrider, and take my leave from my current guild, and migrate sometime sunday evening, or monday at the latest. Hope this sounds resonable to you.

Looking forward to seeing you all in /g!


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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Panzur on Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:40 pm

We're planing on progressing on Majordomo sunday evening, but I guess you're already locked to this reset.


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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

Post  Nutrion on Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:30 am

Yeah, allready had 2 raids this reset, so just finishing up my auctions, gathering bank chars, and saying goodbye to people etc, before i take my leave.


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Re: [Accepted] Nutrion - Warlock

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