Horde guild @ EU Zenedar
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Post  Mayfil Fri May 27, 2011 9:09 pm

Epidemic is an English PvE guild formed and playing on the Zenedar EU server Horde side. The guilds focus is on high end 10man raiding, and our goal is to become one of ZenedarĀ“s top 10 man guilds, but at the same time keeping a good inn game social environment.

To achieve this, we work hard to maintain a stable raid setup, where we want all our members to feel like they are part of a social, open minded and fun raiding guild, where our members keep a high standard of game play. We are aiming for becoming a small active group with around 14 raiders.

We are raiding Monday, Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday. The raid hours are 19.00-23.00.


About Epidemic

Epidemic was initially founded by a small group of friends. Our goal - to kill The Lich King. We did. And with WoTLK becoming old news we decided to make a 10man raid group for Cataclysm. With a great social experience along with progressive raiding in mind we prepare for the upcoming challenges. Our goal with the guild is to have a good raiding progress, but not at the expense of the social component. We do not want to make raiding feel like a "job" but instead something you really are looking forward to.

Epidemic was created in the summer of 2010. Our main focus was to clear up all content Wrath of the Lich King had to offer, before the launch of Cataclysm. Most of us started to level up completely new chars from scratch to make sure we had a viable raid setup. Being that the guild was completely new, and there was a lot of work to be done before we could kick of our progress. Because of this we knew there was little time for us to achieve our goal. But as of 27th of November 2010, where we cleared Ruby Sanctum Heroic on our second raid day attempt, we had officially done it all. Cataclysm - "You are not prepared!" - Illidan Stormrage.


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