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Read this before applying.

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Read this before applying. Empty Read this before applying.

Post  Dized Fri May 27, 2011 9:13 pm

Do you think you have what it takes to join Epidemic?

Go ahead and tell us why we should bring you into our raiding environment.
- What is it that you can do, that others might not be able too?
- Have you done anything worth mentioning in the past?
- Is there anything you want us to know about you?

These are just examples of things you should think about including in the application. Alltough we dont have a template for
the applications, we encourage you to put some work into it. Remember a good application is required for us to even

If we feel that you suit our guild, we will contact you. From there we will invite you to our ventrilo server, where we will hold a short interview. This interview may or may not result in you getting a trial spot in our guild. During that trial period, you will have a chance to impress us with your total epicness.

During your trial period you will have priority below any player of higher ranking than yourself when it comes to loot. But this shouldnt be an issue since loot shouldnt be what you worry about at this stage.

Impress us, and join our crew.
If you fail to do so, you only have yourself to blame.

Best of luck,

PS. I fucking hate smileys.

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