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Accepted - Warlock Application!

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Accepted - Warlock Application! Empty Accepted - Warlock Application!

Post  Gemmi Tue May 31, 2011 2:49 pm

About me:

My name is Mathias Kristiansen, and I'm a 18 year old boy from Norway. My real life situation ain't anything special at the moment, got school which takes some of my time on the daytime, else there's not much to tell. As a player I find myself to be an active player, who participates in in things besides guild raids. I'm also a person who's able to handle criticism while raiding and rarely gets offended, so I won't come with a package of drama.

Guild History:

I've been in 2 guilds for this expansion, with this character. The first one was Prominent, a 10 man raiding guild where I cleared 11/12 normal and 1/13 hc. We tried to merge with alot of guilds in the end, trying to convert to 25 man, and it all ended up with a few members merging with Physix while half of the guild sadly quit the game instead. The reason I want to leave Physix now is because I really can't get spots for the progression runs it seems, and I don't really know why. And therefore I want to get back into the raiding scheme before firelands, to be able to get a stable guild to progress in the new content.

My character:

I'm applying with my warlock, Gemmi ( http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/gemmi/advanced ). As you can see from my armory I'm currently specced into Affliction (shadow bolt filler) and Demonology. The reason for this is that I find Aff to be the best single target damage spec I can get as a warlock at the moment, with a very good multi target damage also. The Demo spec was chosen for the AoE fights and the heroic runs, where demo just is superb as bosses nearly go down before my meta is done and my doomguard always stays through an encounter with its increased duration making Demo (imo) the best dungeon spec.

Now I'll go deeper into my spec, gearing and glyphing trying to show you guys that I actually know my 'lock business (I'll just assume you're all dumbnuts who don't know anything about warlocks). My geming is aiming for the most Intellect as possible, seeing as int provides close to a double damage increase compared to the other secondary stats (hit/haste/crit/mastery). My rule of thumb is gem 40 int unless the socket bonus is 20+ int or 30+ any secondary stat (thank you elitistjerks).

The aim with my reforging is to get as much as possible of the two best secondary stats for affliction (Hit > Haste > Crit > Mastery). So you'll probably notice that i reforge mastery/crit to hit or haste, depending on what stats are on the items.

When it comes to my enchanting, I do as I did with geming. I'm harvesting Int seeing as it's the shizzle and that I can get most of the desired hit from reforging and item stats. The only exception for this is my lavawalker on my boots. I find walk speed as the best possible "stat" to get, as I reduce my overall time moving by 8% which in theory gives me 8% more time spent casting.

Now for my glyphs:

My affliction glyphs are:

Prime: Haunt, UA and Corr. These are all chosen for the fact that they provide the biggest damage increase overall.
Major: SB, Life tap and Soul swap. Again, the biggest damage increase. An option here would be getting the Soulstone glyph if it were required, but I'd lose some damage by doing this and thats why I haven't yet picked it up.
Minor: CoE, Drain Soul and Unending Breath. They don't really provide anything to raiding. I got the CoE for the times I respec to PvP to farm me some conquest else there's nothing much to say.

My demonology glyphs are:

Prime: Immo, Meta and Corr. These are all chosen for the fact that they provide the biggest damage increase overall as with the affliction prime.
Major: SB, Life tap and Soul Link. biggest damage increase is what matters here too. An option here would be getting the Soulstone glyph if it were required, but I'd lose some survivability compared to the soul link glyph.
Minor: Health Funnel, Ritual of Souls and Unending Breath. These really don't provide anything to raiding. So I won't say anything special, I can swim faster than you guys though!

My professions are Engineering and Herbalism. Picked Herbalism for some money gain/free flasks and the lifeblood buff while Engi got picked for the awesome googles and fun thingies! Considering changing one of the specs for tailoring by 4.2, but it's still only something I'm thinking about.

My raiding experience:

I feel like a player who's raided quite a lot of the content in World of Warcraft, this all happened on an other character though.

My raiding experiences started in vanilla where I managed to kill some bosses in MC and ZG, but to be honest I were a to pick noob back then to really get any real raiding done. My excuse here is that I was 13 years old or so, so I really wasn't all that bright!

In TBC I managed to kill pretty much everything, including clearing every current high end content before the nerfs and new gear. I was in a top end guild on my server, where I competed for server firsts but rarely got anything to be honest. It's in TBC I got my biggest raiding achievements, where I feel Prince Malchezaar server first and Magtheridon server first as my "biggest" ones. I quit the game right before the sunwell release as I were a tad burned out trying to balance my school and guild, while farming BT/MH for months really made me loose the glow for the raiding and such, so I took a break. That said I also had experiences as a class leader in TBC and I were raiding quite hardcore, so I have some experience from leading raids to (even though this is ages ago!).

I returned to see what wrath brought to the table. I quickly cleared Naxx(10/25)/OS(10/25)/EoE(10/25) with pugs. I also joined some heroic modes with my old guild, but it wasn't all that funny anymore, feeling the content was dumbed down far to much I quit before the release of Ulduar.

I've killed 11/12 normal mode, and I really never got nef down the last percent but (seen alot of 1-2% wipes sadly) and as I really haven't gotten spots in Physix I just haven't been able to down nef annoyingly enough.
On hc I've killed Magmaw and Atramedes in BWD, while I've killed Halfus in BoT. Nothing much to brag about. I've also participated in tries for Omno, Maloriak and Chim and I feel I know these fights fairly good for not having killed them. Oh and I've also cleared BH!

Note: All this experience is as a warlock (excluding vanilla, I was a hunter back then).

Why me?

I feel like I'm a person who can contribute to your raids in a positive way, being a person who can manage criticism and who is patient through countless wipes on bosses we're aiming to kill. I also love cutting edge progression, and it's always what I'm aiming for. I also find myself to be a more than capable warlock, who's been through a lot and seen pretty much everything the game has to offer a warlock. I've been through the sacrificing and spaming shadow bolt time of warlocks, I've seen the weaving of decimation and I've facerolled with my SL/SL spec and so on.
Not only do I have quite the experience as a warlock but I also feel that I'm quite solid at the theory behind warlock raiding currently and I have pretty much always had a good control over what to do as a warlock.

Thank you for reading the application and I hope for a positive response!
Regards, Gemmi.


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Accepted - Warlock Application! Empty Re: Accepted - Warlock Application!

Post  Dized Tue May 31, 2011 5:58 pm

I would really like it if you whispered Dized ingame the next time you are online, so we can have a little chat on ventrilo.

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Accepted - Warlock Application! Empty Re: Accepted - Warlock Application!

Post  Dized Tue May 31, 2011 8:41 pm

Not much needed to say here. We talked and there is no reason not to give you a spot to test you out.

- Accepted -
Regards Dized

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Accepted - Warlock Application! Empty Re: Accepted - Warlock Application!

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