Horde guild @ EU Zenedar
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[Declined] Marksmanship, Hunter, apply

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[Declined] Marksmanship, Hunter, apply Empty [Declined] Marksmanship, Hunter, apply

Post  coretex Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:34 pm

Hey Epidemic Oliver here.

First of all i just wanted to say thanks to Otsana from your guild that helped me ingame i talked whit him/her? and got help to my app.
I am a 18 old dude from Denmark living on the "small" island called Fyn in danish.
When im not at the computer gameing im most of the time playing football and haveing awesome partys whit my friends.
When im at the computer im a nice social guy how loves to talk and tell a little joke so i am great in conversations ;D
But im here to tell you a little about my gameplay i play a lvl 85 Marksmanship hunter done that for quite some years now started in BC and had fun there i also mad alot of awesome raiding that time and did that untill i hit Catac i left my guild im sorry cant reameber the name but i did and from that time it just stoped i dinnt raid anymore and i kinda stopped playing wow for some months but i came back and here i am done alot of dungons got some Okay gear for some starting raiding and im am ready i hope its gonna be whit you guys.

Best regards from Oliver, Denmark!

Wooopz i almost forgot here is a Armory spec: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/Coretec/simple


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[Declined] Marksmanship, Hunter, apply Empty Re: [Declined] Marksmanship, Hunter, apply

Post  Panzur Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:51 pm

Yeah no, I don't think Epidemic is the guild for you at the moment. Good luck finding another guild.


[Declined] Marksmanship, Hunter, apply Tumblrlj4exsrqd51qbvc38

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