Horde guild @ EU Zenedar
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Accepted - Pekspella - balance druid

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Accepted - Pekspella - balance druid Empty Accepted - Pekspella - balance druid

Post  pekspella Tue May 31, 2011 11:58 am

Hi there, my name is Morten Winkler, I'm 21 years old, and I live in copenhagen. I love playing computer, and spend alot of my time doing that while also maintaining a real life.
That being said im currently not an employee anywhere, but starting school at the 8. of august. This will not affect my raiding attendance.

I'm applying here to find a new raiding guild, which is stable and prefers progress over epix. I'm leaving my current guild which is Absolution, because of slackers, lack of engagement for progressing, and overall slacking to be honest. My goal is to experience everything blizzard has, before the next tier's gets released.

My experience goes all the way back to vanilla where i raided as a hunter and cleared up to twins in aq40, and cleared pretty much everything in tbc on my hunter aswell (All this was on EU-Draenor), except for SWP as i quitted wow a month before they released it. I started playing again late in WotLK, and quickly cleared 11/12 hm, didnt get LK down tho. Then migrated to zenedar with a bunch of irl mates and made absolution.
Experience in cataclysm:
5/6 bwd hc
2/4 bot hc (cho'gall on 6%)
0/2 tot4w hc


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Accepted - Pekspella - balance druid Empty Re: Accepted - Pekspella - balance druid

Post  Dized Tue May 31, 2011 12:31 pm

Theres not much that needs to be said here. After our chat on ventrilo, it was an easy decision to let you in to our little group of raiders. You seem to have the required dedication and experience, along with similar goals as a raider.

Looking forward to making progress with you!

- Accepted -
Regards Dized

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