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Declined - Friduwulf (Resto druid)

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Declined - Friduwulf (Resto druid) Empty Declined - Friduwulf (Resto druid)

Post  zimps Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:26 pm

Your Name: Viktor Lindau

Where are you from?: Im from the bottom of sweden called Skåne been living here for my whole life!.

How old are you?: im 18 years old soon turning 19 in the 22nd of July.

Main Character: My main character is named friduwulf lvl 85 Tauren Male Restoration Druid 7/3/31.

Race: Tauren Male

Class: Druid

Can you give us an armory link where you are logged out in the spec you are applying for please. Also give us a detailed explanation of your gear/spec choices: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/friduwulf/simple im logged off as resto since thats the specc ive choosed to play since im more of an healing person and in the begining of The Burning crusade i picked to play a healing class which i choosed to play a restoration shaman which ive played on now til Cataclysm :http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/karazhan/t%C3%A8ra/simple. But got tired of playing shaman all the time and felt now its time to play on my druid which ive been playing at since lvl 60 ive been much of an pvper so havent done to much raiding on it but been gearing like a mad guy the last couple of weeks and feel kind of happy what ive achieved and im more then ready to make the further progression since im feeling ready for it but resto is ofc the right specc for me and couldnt even think of something else than playing resto.

What is your raid experience?: Well my Raid experience is following
Vanilla: Did actually do some MC and Onyxia but did start playing the game kind of late in the Vanilla times so didnt really have the time to go further on the progression in lvl 60.
TBC: This was the time i think i was most active in the game did raid on a Warrior prot specced an ugly Dwarf male if now wanted to know . but anyhows i did start off by doing Karazhan , ZA, Gruul's lair , Magtheridons lair, SSC, TK, MH full clear , BT full clear , SWP only 2 bosses but still took the step inside of it.
WOTLK: Wrath of the lich king i thought was kind of lame but did get my full clear in The Naxxramas with druid and together with OS , EoE , ToTc 10/25 and some bosses on ToGC aswell , ICC was raiding alot on my Shaman which i posted above i did full clear on normal and 11/12 heroic on WOTLK time were in a guild named Dreamers on Karazhan and unfortionatly the guild disbanded. Ruby sanctum normal i cleared not much to clear but did the boss in there.
Cataclysm : BoT full clear on Shaman and my dk only miss Ascendant council on druid. BWD full clear on shaman , ToT4w misses Al'akir Halfus Heroic down. All though i havent brought down as much bosses on heroic as you have ive still readed up on the tactics to be ready for the further progression and hopefully il do that progression with you guys!

Which professions do you have? How are they relevant in a raid situation?: I do have Enchanting 525/525 , Jewelcrafting 525/525 which i find very useable in Raid situations i get 80 more intellect from enchanting and i do get 54 more intellect from Jewelcrafting so its alot more basemana which is gold worth in pve as i see it !.

Which were your previous guilds? Under what circomstances did you leave them?: i Were in the Guild Called Absolution which were a really good guild i got to know the person pekspella which was the guild leader of Absolution and which are in Epidemic right now and i hope he can vouch for me , but then the guild disbanded and i got into Recoil which isnt the best guild ive been at and hopefully will leave for you guys! and the reason for leaving Recoil is for joining a better guild Named Epidemic!

Do you have a stable internet connection? Can your PC handle Endgame raids?: I do have stable internet connection and i have a PC which will handle the Endgame raids perfectly!

Do you know anyone in the guild? Who can vouch for you?: Pekspella he knows im a good and dedicated player i actually made an ingame application to him to get into Absolution and he actually liked it , Kvelli been playing with him in a guild called Abandoned i played on my deathknight called Tidewalker he sure remembers it so i really hope he can vouch for me tho the little time we played together!

What addons do you play with and how do they help your raid performance?: I play with DBM (deadly boss mods) which help me being updated with following things that will happen in the encount and in that way make me consentrate at healing , OMEN omen threatmeter tho i dont really need it but its always good to have it and say in Ventrilo if we need to slow down on dps not to overaggro the tanks , Decursive a good addon which tells you to dispell and many other things which im using while in Arenas or so!.

Do you have, or are willing to install, Ventrilo 3.x?: I do have the Ventrilo ready to be used !

Please tell us the hours when you are online ingame, so we can contact you.: im more or less online ingame 3-4 hours /day except raidtimes when il be on til Raid ends ofc !

Finally: why Epidemic? (This is a very important section, don't half-ass it):
Why ive chosen to apply to Epidemic is one thing: to get the further progression and to get it done as i know i can in this guild i want allthough a good raid atmosphere which i think i can get in this guild Aswell , i know i dont have the best gear ever but with your progression gear shouldnt bother to good raid performance i know i havent been doing alot of raiding with this char but to show im a dedicated player watch my arena master title and you will see that i really know my class and been reading up on tactics in following heroic modes so i wont fail in raids and i really want you guys to see how much i want this i really do i want to make the progress and i really want to be a part of your guild take Care guys and hope you enjoyed reading this application! // Friduwulf!


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Declined - Friduwulf (Resto druid) Empty Re: Declined - Friduwulf (Resto druid)

Post  Dized Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:38 am

zimps wrote: i do get 54 more intellect from Jewelcrafting

I believe it is 81 more intellect due to 3 gems of 67 of a stat instead of 40. According to my math this ends up at 81.

Anywho, i dont believe you will fit in to our current rooster.

- Declined -
Best of luck,

Declined - Friduwulf (Resto druid) Minst

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