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Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)

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Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)  Empty Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)

Post  wokaa Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:03 am

About me:

My name is Jordan Penrose, and i'm 17 years old from England. In real life i current in school but i have finished my exams currents for another year and now have 16 weeks before school starts again not to think about WoW. As a raider i see myself as very active, and who participates in alot of things outside of raids as i have a lot achievements and enjoy getting more. i'm also a person who is willing to step up and accept their own mistakes and do my role to the best of my ability. I come with a very social side of me and Daddyjf was a guildie of mine in both WotLK and Cata!

UI Print Screen - https://s1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd374/wokaa/?action=view&current=WoWScrnShot_052611_202015.jpg

Note : i just changed from tukui as it made my last pc gain hundreds of trojans from the website. I'm lacking 6 Keybinds from my Glove enchant to my Fire Elemental Totem - they are fixed now wasnt expecting to raid in that printscreen.

Played Time -Total - 102 Day, 17 Hours, 49 Minutes, 0 Second - At Level 85 - 28Days, 18 Hours, 40Minutes , 1 Seconds

Guild History:

I've been in 3 guilds for this expansion, with this character. The first one was Phenomenon which was my own guild which sadly broke out after we lost both our main tanks and 2 healers who all quit the game, apart from bandejo. Then after that me and my irl restobear joined sundayunion, and i came to the conclusion that i dislike 25 man raids and i am aiming to come back to 10 mans. i got a promising offer from Singularity which seemed decent, however wasn't impressed and it hasn't lived to the expectations which i was told they where.

My character:

I Would like to offer my Elemental Shaman, Wokaa ---http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/wokaa/simple--- Currently i had a lot of issues with drops of gear as i'm lacking in 3 Halfus HEROIC items, and so on. I specked as i did for a strong AoE aspect to my rotations as many fights contain adds or multiple targets. However i might be sounding smart but for the elemental tree if i'm honest isn't the hardest to place your talents. However its the other trees which make the differences. i choose the ancestral swiftness due to the requirement of fast movement if unprepared, otherwise there isn't much well i could spec into. However seeing a lack defensive cool downs as a shaman i change my spec to the restoration tree more. I'm not uptight on my spec/gemming/enchants/etc and open to changes or suggestions if someone has a better idea about my choices.

Now looking further into my elemental spec. The glyph choice is pretty much never changed apart from fights like Maloriak Heroic where i change my Lightning Bolt glyph for a Glyph of Fire Elemental. This is therefore an AoE increase seeing as Chain Lightning is Prio over 3+ targets. However the other glyphs remain the same throughout other encounters. The reasoning behind my reforging was to get through a priority system such as --- Hit>Haste>Mastery=> Crit. This is maining designed around faster casts with procking my mastery therefore increase the number of FREE spells i receive of my global cool down adding to my DPS. My Gemming rule to myself is if the the socket bonus is 20 intel or higher - go for the bonus- however if the bonus is 15 or below im losing int which is my best stat and avoid the set bonuses and go 40 int on the item.

My Resto Spec in a quick summary is designed for effective raid healing however i'm not a healer much but my experience in raid healing on my shaman is 11/12 and magmaw heroic (was forced). Its basically a back up if its needed and shorter queues for valor to convert to conquest. My Resto Item LVL 358 which its only blues are Neck and Chest (by the time this is read my chest will be resto tier). my glyphs are designed for raid healing again with raid assistance when healing stream and resistance aura together. Also effective single target healing is specked and built into the spec and glyphs but is focused raid healing.

My professions are Engineering and Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting was useful for the intel extra gems on my shaman however their isn't much use to my raiding ability apart from the small added bonus on Gems. Engineeing is useful with Rocket Belt on many fights such as the air phase with Atramedes Heroic i can kite the flame more or less 75% of the phase.
My raiding experience:

I'm a player who loves raiding and has raided on many characters with 5 85s at this moment in time - 1 scrub pointless 85 Death Knight, 362 Item lvl holy paladin, 361 Disc Priest, 356 Resto Druid, and finally my main, Wokaa. - Sithramir, Calawen, Slark, Rilmania

My Vanilla experience is '0' for level appropriate dungoens, however cleared all for my achievement whoring ability in WotLK

My TBC experience is '0' for level appropriate dungoens, however cleared all for my achievement whoring ability in WotLK - wish i had more to offer in these expansions.

Wrath is where i started the long journey with my shaman and started leveling when ToTC was the new 'big thing'. i finally dinged 80 when ICC was released. And Throughout that time with Mcsteamy and Daddyjf both being an raider in my guild throughout its time we got to rank 2nd on zenedar 10 man. Bane of the Fallen King was an achievement with my achievement and the Video is still up on youtube i believe. my progression looks like this:

Naxx 10 - Cleared
Naxx 25 - Immortal Cleared
Ulduar 10 - Drake Achievements Cleared
Ulduar 25 - Lacking last 3 - Mimiron, General Vezax, and Yogg Saron
OS 10/25 3D - Cleared
Totc 10/25 Cleared
ToTGC 10 - Feat for 50 tries
ToTGC 25 - Cleared
ICC 10/25 Cleared
ICC 10 HC 12/12
ICC 10 HC 10/12 - missing lady and Sindragosa
Rs 10/25 Cleared
Rs 10hc Cleared With my guild
Rs 25hc - who likes 25s lets be honest!


I've Currently Killed 12/12 Normal Mode, and 6/13 in Heroic Modes. To Break it down:

Throne of the Four Winds
- Conclave of Wind - Normal
- Al'akir - Normal

Blackwing Decent
- Magmaw - Normal/Heroic
- Omnoton Defense System - Normal
- Maloriak - Normal/Heroic
- Atramedes - Normal/Heroic
- Chimaeron - Normal/Heroic
- Nefarian - Normal

The Bastion of Twilight
- Halfus The Wyrmbreaker - Normal/Heroic
- Valiona and Theralion - Normal/Heroic
- Ascendant Council - Normal
-Cho'gall - Normal

Why me?

I fell like i'm a person who can bring something to a raid with all secondary professions 525, so i can fish, and making feasts for raids if needed. i have alts with alchemy to help make flask. I come with bright ideas to help with tactics and how to find a way of dealing with mechanics such as something simple like atramedes the sound disk before the HUGE nerf. I love bring a social area to a raid as long as it doesnt cover my focus in raids during raid days it priority. My class can being many buffs via totems if a class is missing. i always read up on tactics its before hand and have a very good knowledge of what is expected on me on the encounter and on standby. I'm 100% fully committed to what i have to do and always give my full when trying to do my role in a raid.

Thank you for spending time reading my application i hope i have impressed and open to questions on the forums here or even ingame.
Regards, Wokaa.


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Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)  Empty Re: Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)

Post  Dized Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:30 am

I like what i see, contact Dized or Daddyjf ingame for a chat.

Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)  Minst

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Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)  Empty Re: Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)

Post  Daddyjf Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:13 pm

Every things seems good, got experience, and want to progress, Accepted for trial.

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Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)  Empty Re: Accepted - Elemental Shaman (MS) / Restoration (OS)

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