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Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin

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 Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin Empty Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin

Post  botchulaz Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:11 am

Real Life.

Name: Jonathan Watkinson

Age: 20 Years Old, 24th February, 1991.

Country: England; United Kingdom; Lancashire; Manchester.

Health: Not prone to diseases, illness or frailties.

Relevant Information, Hobbies & Job:

Although I am only 20 years old, I am a very grounded person, I’ve met a lot of people of similar age that act childish and selfish, I pride myself on not being one of those people. My main hobby’s are sports, I enjoy most sports ranging from golf, Swimming and football, I am a regularly at the gym 6 days a week and I enjoy body management and bodybuilding along with these I play rugby for Sale’s youth academy, This enables me to have a really flexible time table to play World of warcraft as your time scale is set at hours per week, And not organized set times from 9 till 5 for example. Additionally I like to socialize but I don’t drink or smoke, Thus the reason why I like to be in a social guild environment, I am a friendly and talkative person and won’t sit in the dark in a raid, and will express my opinion where it is wanted or needed.

How did you find out about us?

Me and my friend where ideally looking for a guild that where world ranked above 200 that were looking for both a Retribution paladin and a Hunter although understandably none of our previous world of logs world ranks still stood and our gear was a little outdated. So we where browsing on Wow progression and came across a guild that seemed like a lucrative opportunity, Although I understand that you are currently around 1000 I don’t personally feel that the guild is far off after having a brief talk too Ostana about how things where on the server and guild plus factoring the tries you have had on Shannox hard mode got both of our appetites wet. With the added bonus of the guild seeming to of been around for a fair amount of time overall with friends, We don’t believe that people let all that hard work go to waste easily, So hopefully a stable environment that wont struggle for people to attend.

Character Information.

Name: Botchulaz.

Race: Blood Elf.

Class: Paladin.

Spec: Retribution.

Armoury Profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/Botchulaz/simple

Played: 170 days total played, 89 days At Level 80, 36 days At Level 85.

Why have you spec'd the way you have?

I have delved into 7/2/32 Retribution. Many people do go for 2 points in Eye for an Eye but I’ve opted out and just placed 1/2 and moved my extra point into Acts of Sacrifice. I did this more of a “Just In case” talent, having that extra ability to get out of a snare if Hand of freedom is on cool down is very lucrative as well as having the extra mana from using Hand of freedom on bosses like Al’Akir if myself or somebody else gets wind blasted into the ice patches, Although this is very unlikely to throttle my mana.

Reason behind profession choices:

The reason first of all why I have Blacksmithing & Jewel crafting is because I favor the extra prismatic gem slots in my gear because they can harness whatever gem is needed and can be molded to be the best for each situation, Secondly I also have jewel crafting because there is no other profession that really trumps it However I will change it right away if anything became more lucrative in the future.

Blacksmithing: 450 proficiency.

Jewel Crafting: 500 proficiency.

The reason Blacksmithing & Jewel crafting do not have 525 are simply because they were not needed to be leveled beyond the point at what they are currently, however; I do have the majority of the jewel crafting plans. In addition to this without a shadow of a doubt if the guild needed or required me to be at max proficiency in any profession with the patterns that I could personally farm I would have no objection too that. I do also plan to change my professions to whatever is more raid viable for maximum output during any time in Cataclysm in addition to this, I do have 48 spare crafter orbs, So when I do eventually hit 525 proficiency in Blacksmithing I will be able to provide the orbs for free.

With this said. I also have an Herbalist and Alchemy alt. So I can craft and farm flask and potions for the guild if required.

Reason behind Prime Glyph choices:

Glyph of Seal of Truth: The reason behind why I am using this is rather simple, First of all to easily reach the Expertise cap of 26. Secondly even with expertise cap reforging the excess secondary stats will be a higher DPS increase overall. Obviously as gear stats increase later on in the game, and more readily allows me to gain expertise cap away from using the Glyph, I would look into changing it for the Crusader strike glyph if this was deemed a viable choice but as of yet, this glyph is still ahead of both Exorcism and Crusader strike in 4.2, Factoring also that I would struggle to make the (300 - 10 expertise) deficit with my current gear.

Glyph of Templar’s Verdict: The reason behind this glyph is clear to see, Templar’s verdict over most bosses is doing around 22-30% of my total damage, a direct increase of 15% is the most viable DPS gain from a prime glyph, and therefore I am using it. Although it is only providing ~11.5% increase as the 15% does not multiply per stack of holy power.

Glyph of Exorcism: The reason behind this glyph is due to the coefficient changes; it appears that currently Exorcism is a fair way ahead of Crusader strike. And hopefully with undead and Demon bosses possibly in the future, As the glyph automatically inherits Exorcism’s ability to auto critical strike the gain of the glyph will be increased again and as explained in the top glyph, This still pulls ahead of Crusader strike for now.

Reasons behind Gems and Enchant choices:

As I have achieved my hit cap through reforging and gear alone, My gems are pure 40 strength to give the biggest DPS gain, Although the head required a yellow gem and gives a 30 strength socket bonus, It was much more lucrative to gem 20 Strength and 20 mastery, In addition I have repeated this in my chest, To gain a 20 strength socket bonus, Meaning 20 free hit. Enabling me to reforge excess hit into a more useable and helpful secondary stat. As for my enchanting, I have Landslide as it is currently 400-500 DPS more than any other current weapon enchant, Strength on bracers and I opted for Hit on boots as it is far superior to critical strike or mastery however as I was slightly under hit. As well as the other default best enchants currently such as stats on chest and strength on gloves. As well as the obvious best in slot head and shoulder enchants from reputation.

Screenshot of your UI:

I will elaborate a little, Although It isn’t the best looking UI on the planet, I am all about necessity I like it clean so as much of the raid boss and surroundings are visible to me. It also enhances my ability to refresh Inquisition on time as I know a lot of people do not track it properly the same with fully knowing my holy power without having to track to the default set position at the top left it just decreases the amount of things I have to look for.


If there any additional add-ons needed that the guild requires you to use, I have no problem in getting them. Or even taking advice on what would be better that my current setup. Also I do realise this is a screenshot from when I was on alliance, But the UI remains the same and intact.

Add-ons used for raiding and why they are used:

Grid: Gives me an overall better picture of how the raid is going, although I know It is really for healers, It Enables me to see clearer If I need to pick up a job, For example on Nefarian, The North east pillar has three interrupters for Blast wave, And a key interrupter at the south pillar is dead, Prior to the phase change, I could notice this faster, Notify on vent and pick up the interrupt job on the pillar, Preventing a wipe. Or just in a situation that I deem lay on hands to be viable to save somebody.

Deadly boss mods: An obvious one, But allows me to see boss abilities. Although I do not filter out abilities that do not concern me, I like to see incoming raid damage or tank damage boss abilities, So I can either throttle Radiance or Lay on Hands.

Omen, Need to Know, Interrupter: Obvious ones that don’t really need much explanation just have Interrupter as its key for other players in an interrupt rotation to be able to clearly see who has previously interrupted to get their groundings.

What sources do you use to stay up to date with your class/spec:

• http://retributionpaladins.com/
• http://elitistjerks.com/
• http://www.retpaladin.com/
• http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/

As well as these, after completing all of my duties on live, I do like to go and spreadsheet my own work on the PTR to see how things are going if its possible, or do some work on redcaps spreadsheet. In addition to this, I do always like to read up on other classes so when the occasion arrives in guild chat I can offer my advice and opinions when somebody is not sure, As well as being able to understand what and why things may of gone wrong a little better.

Notable Alts / Old Mains:

I only have one alternative character and that is Jerik, I only use him for flask farming and potion making as mentioned in the profession part of the application. As for notable old mains, I have only had one, However it was still a paladin. I raided through vanilla as holy with a paladin, me and my best friend at the time had joint ventured into leveling. Beginning The Burning Crusade we used this paladin together but decided it would be best that one person used the account and who ever drew the short straw metaphorically speaking had to level their own paladin, unfortunately I lost and had to remake my paladin half way through The Burning Crusade. As for Wrath of the Lich King, I have never used another main character but if the guild needed a reroll for whatever reason I would be happy to play another class if the guild benefited.

Previous Raiding experience

Which raids did you do at level 60?Which raids did you do at level 60?

All of the raid content prior to Ahn’Qiraj was cleared within the guild Peons. Unfortunately around the period that Naxxramas became available the guild slowly started to recess and die out after multiple problems and personal issues with the guild master, we eventually stopped raiding after killing 3 bosses, This was unfortunate as I would of liked to progress throughout the end of the content.

Which raids did you do during TBC, before and after patch 3.0.2?

Unfortunately due to a lot of guild breakups and shifts during the mid way point of black temple it was difficult to progress, however All content was cleared up to Illidan, Times were tough through Eonar. Through Sunwell, Unfortunately guild brake ups where too frequent of an occasion so it was difficult to progress any further after my guild at the time disbanded up on a 1% wipe on Kealgos. And just like the previous expansion, was unfortunately unable to see the content out.

Which raids did you do during WOTLK?

Naxxramas 10 & 25 complete, Narrowly missing out on Immortal but with Undying done (the guild eventually got immortal), Sartharion 3Drakes 10 & 25 done, Malygos 10 & 25 complete along with on progression 6 minute Malygos. Ulduar 10 and 25 man heroic done(world 75th on normal keepers), With the exception of Crazy Cat Lady and Knock Knock Knock On wood & Deaths Demise, Our Guild only completed Deaths Demise during ICC though, Algalon 10 completed first on the server along with narrowly missing Algalon 25. Trial of the Grand Crusader Insanity 10 done And I have yet to do Anub’Arak 25 on heroic with 50 Attempts left. In Ice Crown Citadel, I have completed 25 man heroic. 10 mans I have also done the majority of heroic bosses but with also the exclusion of Lich King 10 Hard mode (It was however completed after Cataclysm hit). Additionally, Unfortunately I have not killed Halion on 10 or 25 man normal or heroic Before Cataclysm.

What guild did you progress LK with?

The Logical Cube, Eonar.

What are your reasons for leaving them?

First of all, One of my main reasons for leaving The Logical Cube is after having the experience of spending an entire expansion with them, I have learnt that I want to spend time with like minded people, the likeness of where people strive to excel themselves and not just settle for bare necessity, but to strive for more even if it takes 100% more time and effort; We, The Guild members only ever truthfully killed hard content way off content to gear ratio, And when times got tough people gave up, People stopped caring and used a content patch as an easy way out, A way to take time out and stop trying for that last boss we needed to get down. I personally wanted to be able to have that hard night after night feeling of killing a boss when it should be killed and not returning to kill it for the first time after achieving an extra tier level, as that sense of achievement after progressing through a genuinely hard boss is second to none. however, this is not to say that I don’t respect nostalgia nights, I love to go and kill old content again, Or even if it is a way to gain a member a valuable item like the Valanyr mace but, Our best healer was unfortunate enough to lose the first Valanyr mace to the guild master Girlfriend, That is fair enough and can 100% deal with that, But even though that Valanyr mace was still very beneficial to our raid healing even throughout Ice Crown Citadel nobody wanted to help our other healers, This goes to my second point of attitude, I would do everything in my power to help the guild, Even if it meant going out of my way to do so, But unfortunately the majority of The Logical Cube where only in it for themselves so when that time arose to server first Yogg Saron 0 Keepers for the deaths demise achievement months after content to gear ratio, Everybody then shaped up. But as you could have guessed, right after nobody wanted to help our healers . My third point was regarding the officers, The reason I stayed in The Logical Cube for the entirety of the expansion was because I truthfully respected our guild master, Unfortunately the people he elected to help where not the right people under the circumstance, It was a regular occurrence that the guild master missed and skipped raids due to in real life issues, In this circumstance we were supposed to have fall back officers, Unfortunately they did nothing and we ended up not raiding, Or when we did, It was an absolute farce.

What guild did you progress Cataclysm with?

Aeternus, Dragonblight. & Dissension, Hellfire

What are your reasons for leaving them?

Unfortunately almost the same reason I left my previous guild, It was hard for me to leave Eonar to go to dragonblight for a new start but knew that If I wanted to enhance my raid experience I would have too and I expected a lot more from this guild, Shortly after joining the guild It was close to the end of Wrath of the Lich King. There were a lot of shifts within the guild, Some of the most prowessd members and officers leaving to create a more “Casual” 10 man raiding guild this certainly created the first divide within the guild a lot of back stabbing and forcing of people’s opinions on to who was wrong and who was right. But I sat through it and decided to see how it went. Unfortunately the second point came to since the 7th of December when Cataclysm came out there where absolutely no official raids until January the 5th. This was agreed on by the guild master and I think it was just a misjudgment of how long 25 people would take to get to level 85. After this time came however I was very restless I had spent nearly a good month putting together 10 man guild raids and gearing up and I wanted to pressure hard on getting some good ranked kills in. But this just wasn’t the case, the lack of presence, the lack of fluster and flare, the lack of want by some officers and the guild master to get the bosses down was clearly visible and thus lead to us dropping from world 250th to server third and almost world rank 1000. There just seemed to be no confidence from a lot of the people in charge and I quote from the guild master himself “I have been running this shit (excuse the profanity) for 3 years now” That’s not what I wanted to hear, it did not fill me with confidence, It was almost like he had given up. There was no longer pressure to come with even blue quality gems or the best enchants without Maelstrom crystals, there was no pressure put on the people underperforming to do better. This lead me to making a post on the forums pointing out what people missed enchant and gem wise, it amounted to 16 of 25 core raiders where without the maximum they could achieve with a little bit of gold. This comes to my first line of this paragraph. I came to better myself and it was a big decision to leave my old guild in the first place as I feel you begin to start to have an attachment with whom you play and I didn’t feel like I was bettering myself. It also comes to the raid leader very occasionally coming two or so hours late for the majority of raids. This I can deal with, Just as I did in my previous guild, as I can respect that things do arise out of anyone’s control but just like my old guild there was nobody else to pick up that access when he wasn’t around, There was no raid leading and this eventually lead to me leaving the guild. Seconding that, in Dissension we where raiding at 160th, worldwide and I just got bored as we slowly started to spiral down the rankings due to people not really caring during hard modes.

WWS/WoL logs from one of the last raids you attended:


I do believe the Log has expired now but some notable ranks

World 1st 10 man Conclave
World 5th 10man Baleroc ( Swyxia needs to add the log )
World 17th 25 man nefarian
World 28th 25man Magmaw
World 36th 25man Argaloth


What days and times are you able to play?

However, I am just giving a rough General time, in most circumstances I will arrive home much earlier allowing me to be online much before the 4PM time I have suggested, I will never not be online after 4PM. The higher end of the estimated times can be changed too if the guild is hard progressing at nights. In addition to this as my time schedule is flexible, time can be taken off to start earlier raiding in the day if required.

Monday: 4PM – 2:30AM

Tuesday: 4PM – 2:30AM

Wednesday: 4PM – 2:30AM

Thursday: 4PM – 2:30AM

Friday: 4PM – 2:30AM

Saturday: 4PM – 5AM

Sunday: 4PM – 2:30AM

How often are you likely to miss a raid?

I don’t have any important arrangements close to or after raid times, thus meaning it would be very seldom to see me miss any raids, Of course unforeseen things do arrive for everybody but for the past 4 years that I have raided, I haven’t missed many. I have only missed 2 months of raiding prior to Cataclysm during Ice Crown Citadel, This was not due to unforeseen circumstances, and Just the way the guild was going at the time.

How much warning would you be able to give?

I treat World of warcraft like I would any other hobby or arrangement that involved other people, through respect for the other members of the raid team I would notify far in advance if anything came up, but as stated before it’s very seldom and out of character that I miss raids.

Extra Information

Why did you choose Epedemic?

I feel that Epidemic has the progression that gives me what I was missing from my previous guilds and I see your guild has been around for A fair amount of time if you include the time most of you have been friends ( According to your Wow Progress Page ), And I don’t believe that the people who have put all that effort in over that amount of time would let something successful die out, Secondly to better myself, I see you have a lot of good players in your guild, And I would love to prove that I have what it takes to be up there with them.

What are your personal in game goals?

My main goal in World of warcraft is to know, At the end of the raid night, After looking at my mashed keyboard, My red fingers that I have done the best I could not only in respect for myself but in respect to the other 24 people I would have the pleasure of raiding with, Seconding that, To progress within a guild with people that I enjoy socialising with, Not just raiding with.

What are your motivations to raid?

My overall motivation to raid is to get that sought after sense of great achievement and joy as a progression boss goes down, The laughter and the relief on Ventrillo is an amazing feeling, Additionally to this that also comes with that feeling is the sense of team bonding you get, I feel I am a sociable person and I like to interact with new people; Also although it is not raiding, But Doing heroics seeing the gear build up and knowing your hard work outside of raids is beneficial to raid survivability , raid DPS or raid healing is a nice feeling but lest not forget the most important point, I have fun and I feel people forget to have it if you like to get serious into gaming, but I genuinely have fun every night I log onto Warcraft.

How long do you see yourself with us if you get accepted?

Well, I was in the same guild all throughout an entire expansion, And I don’t see why I couldn’t work in the guild longer than that, It was unfortunate about my previous guild having the problems it did, As I immensely respected the people in it, But I stuck there till the last as I didn’t want to jump ship, And I feel I can respect myself a little for that; Therefore I don’t see any reason that comes into my mind right now that will give me a reason to want to leave through Cataclysm or the next expansion.

Why should we pick you?

I feel you should pick me because of a few reasons, I feel I don’t just turn up and do the bare minimum, I like to do the best I can in any situation thus enabling me to give the best I can to a raiding environment I pride myself on maximizing what I can, And not making those stupid mistakes that can be make or break to a kill attempt I read up on boss tactics, But Not only my part, I like to see and understand the boss from every aspect from either A healers or a Tanks as well as a DPS prospective because I think it gives the player a much more in-depth view of things. I feel there are no half measures with me I like to be straight and give it everything I can.

Technical Info
how often do you have disconnections?

I feel my internet is very stable, I very seldom disconnect Of course some are unavoidable but I haven’t disconnected within at least the past 8 weeks. See attached the speedtest.net diagnostic. Adding to this, I have an acceptable computer that doesn’t have FPS disconnects

Hardware configuration of your PC you run WoW on:

Processor: 2 x Over clocked Liquid Cooled Intel Core 2 Extreme
Motherboard: Intel D5400XS “Skull trail” Socket 771 eATX PCI-EXP
Memory: 8GB (4 x 2GB) FB-DIMM DDR2-800MHz
Primary HDD: [RAID 0] 3 x 128GB 2.5'' Solid State Drives (SSD)
Secondary HDD: 2 x 1TB (2000GB) Samsung Spin pointa F1 SATA II HDD
Graphics Card: 2 x AMD ATi HD4870X2 2GB GDDR5 (crossfire)
Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty

Thankyou for reading, And I hope I have not missed anything out.

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 Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin Empty Re: Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin

Post  Daddyjf Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:26 am

speechless alien

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 Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin Empty Re: Accepted - Botchulaz - Retribution Paladin

Post  Dized Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:54 am

This is one amazing application! As Daddyjf said, "speechless".

I will talk this over with the others and get back to you.'


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Post  Mayfil Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:32 am

You did not miss anything out. This is a very good application, and I really like it. Only down side I have to it, is that you have written it in smaller letters, so its harder to read. But that's ok, I just had to fine something Razz

"I also want to inform you that I have no glyphs, I havnt had need for it so far"

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Post  Mayfil Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:59 pm

Approved for trial, contact Dized, Otsana, Mayfil or Panzur ingame for an invite.


"I also want to inform you that I have no glyphs, I havnt had need for it so far"

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