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Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin

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Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin Empty Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin

Post  Damkjær Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:36 am

- Write a bit about your self and what your in-game goals are.
My name is Alexander and I currently live in a small city in the southern Jutland, Denmark. I am 18 years old and in the everyday time I go to business school trying to get my HHX exam papers! When I do not go to school or get drunk I play WoW (obviously), where my main goal is to clear the content.

- What guilds have you been in previously and why did you leave them?
I have been in Slap for quite some time now, where the guild leader and I agreed that a casual status was better for the time being, however, I am back and ready to rumble. I can go into detail with this if you would like. In the meantime I have been raiding with a couple of Sunday Union people including Jordan (Wokaa)

- Do you have any guild or players that can vouch for you?
Slap raiders, especially Jmafkaas. Probably also Exrage from SundayUnion and Wokaa from Epidemic.

- What bosses/instances have you already killed or attempted?
I started out playing my hunter, and then rolled a paladin as soon as they became available to the Horde. No special raiding experience just some random pvp here and there.
The Burning Crusade
Started out clearing Karazhan and Gruul's Lair with my old Vek'Nilash guild called Bliss.
As soon as Zul'Aman came out we immediatly began clearing it.
I believe I did SSC and TK with Shine, however, I never got to clear neither Kael'Thas or Lady Vashj, as I had to stop due to school.
When I came back the new talents were out and both BT and Sunwell were rather easy preys.
Wrath of the Lich King
I cleared everything possible in this expansion except my worst enemy, The Lich King on heroic. I did however play most of this expansion with my shaman called Stewpid.
Did 7 bosses on heroic as well as clearing all the others on normal with Slap.

- List a few of your favorite encounters and write a little bit about what you find enjoyable in them.
I like the Omnitron Defense System on heroic - The combination of intense healing along with the raid being capable of stopping the dps when needed.
The Four Horsemen in Naxxramas was another encounter I found quite enjoyable - The ability to switch and adjust.

- What bosses have you found the most challenging and why?
Sindragosa Heroic, diffinitely! - Tons of damage and the need to move out of the raid when you must.
The Faction Champions Heroic - The unpredictable encounter, the bosses move around at their own will and will use Crowd Control to overcome their challengers.
The tries I had on Nefarian Heroic - So many things going on, so many things to go wrong.

- What do you find most rewarding in the game?
Killing a boss that I have not killed before.

- What do you find most frustrating in the game?
I can get frustrated if I am unable to overcome the challenges that I want, in order to achieve my goal(s).

- Character Name and Spec
Damkjær and currently speced Protection and Holy, with the first being the spec I am applying as.

- Armory Profile Link

- WOL/WSS-links to recent raids you attended
I have got a couple of logs from Slap, the thing is that I was playing retribution back then. If you want them, feel free to contact me.

- If you at some point swapped main-characters please state when, where and why.
I switched from hunter to paladin in the early days simply because I wanted to play a paladin, but I also wanted to play horde.
Then I switched to my shaman in the last period of Wrath of the Lich King for the simple fact that everyone had too many paladins :P
And as Cataclysm came out my plan was to see, which class I found the most enjoyable, and as of now, it is my paladin.

- What are the specs of your Mac/PC? What is your average FPS in raids?
I play on a Dell Inspiron 15R with the following specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 450 @ 250 GHz
with 6gb RAM - which is basicly a standard laptop.
I run from 30 to 40 FPS with no lag.
In addition to that I run with my laptop hooked up to a monitor and then I use my beloved Lycoza keyboard and Naga mouse.

- What type of internet connection do you have, and who supplies it? Is it reliable?
I have a reliable 10/10 Mbit supplied by TDC (Danish ISP).

- What abilities do you click as oppose to hot-key and why?
I click buffs and that is about it. I could find bindings for it, but I do not find it as necessary.

- Link a screenshot of your UI in a raid situation. Don't send this application in without it!
I recently got a new PC and had to reinstall WoW (lame backups not being updated by themselves!) so I made my way into Isle of Conquest and got one which simulated it as much as possible.

- Any other comments you want to share with us?
This is an application that I made for DarkStorm, I plea guilty in copying their template and most of my own application, however, I do believe this goes over the most important points.

- Do you have any questions to us?
None whatsoever :)

Regards, Alex


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Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin Empty Re: Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin

Post  Dized Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:00 am

Damkjær wrote:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 450 @ 250 GHz

two hundred and fifty Giga Hertz.... jeez, how?

Anyway, contact Dized or Daddyjf ingame for a chat.

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Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin Empty Re: Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin

Post  Dized Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:32 am

I enjoyed our little chat, seems we have similar goals etc.
Contact Dized or Daddyjf ingame for an invite.

- Accepted -

Regards Dized

Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin Minst

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Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin Empty Re: Accepted - Damkjær - Protection Paladin

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