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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator

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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator

Post  Panzur Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:55 pm

(Posted this on behalf of Exonerator(known as teramys on this forum), he had problems posting it due to forum issues)

Real Life.

Name: Viktor Lindau.

Age: Im 19 years old born 92-02-24.

Health: Well im not suffering from any kinds of diseas or anything excuse me for my spelling :).

Relevant Information, Hobbies & Job:

Well il try making the deepest information about my self im a very serious but calmed player who oftenly doesnt get angry it takes alot to drive me mad since id prefer to take it calmed down in stressful moments but over to the hobbies and jobs my greatest hobby is playing WoW thats my greatest passion there is nothing better to come home from a hectical day at work and just sit down at the computer chair and just take it easy raid laugh and have the moments who makes this game joyful. Allthough i have other hobbies aswell belive it or not but i play the sport called Rugby in a team in the bottom of sweden where i live and been playing for 3 years now and enjoying it still , What do i work with ? well i work at my dads company Called Mark Akuten AB getting the road jobs fixed the the roads in sweden and carrying stones all from stones to cement to house renovation so i have things to do every day and working between 7am - 16pm so being in time for raids will not be a problem with tthe schedule you have and will always be 100 % prepared for the raids you are doing well readed and such easy things by bring flasks food and a good mood to raid !

How did you find out about us?:

Well mainly i found out about you guys were by checking the progress you made and seeing you guys been active for quite a while and thats really impressing by my point of view , and i thought i could talk to Dized the Guild leader and see if i were welcome to put in an application on website and it ended up like this but tho i have only heard the good parts of you being as a guild so i cant do much more than belive what ive been hearing for the last couple of chats i had so its alot of exitment by typing this application.

Character Information.

Name: Exonerator

Race: Undead Male.

Class: Priest.

Specc: Shadow 10/0/31.

Armoury Profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/Exonerator/simple

Played: 245 days 8 hours 27 minutes <--total -----> 85 69 days and 5 hours 22 minutes.

Why have you spec'd the way you have?:

Well as i mentioned above ive specced 10/0/31 as ive been skipping the ones i call pvp talents in the shadowtree ( Silence, Psychic horror) which i couldnt not take advantage of in the raids since how many bosses aquires the disarm and extra fear combined with silence in Firelands maby alysrazor but then we surely have more interrupters on the Druids i hope :) but in the holy tree ive been speccing into Twin disciplins to increase the damage and healing done by 6 % which could be useful on bosses aswell with the mindflay healing support a little bit but otherwise its a major dps increase with the 6% bonus , then ive been speccing into Mental agility to decrease the mana cost of the instant spells since the shadowpriest class have a tender to get oomed belive it or not but thats the hard truth by being a shadow priest so majorly ive specced into that so i could recive more mana back by using Shadow word death and get some mana back instead of having the major cost of mana by putting up my dots (dvp, swp) and then specced into Evangelism which giving me a great dmg increase while popping the cds which i am using the Trinket :Soul casket 1926 sp for 20 seconds combined with the Shadowfiend and thats a great / big dmg pop while having the wings up so its very very useful in the pve along with pvp :).

Reason behind profession choices:

Well ive decided to pick Enchanting / Tailoring since thats what ive been using for the last 3 expansions and so far so good its a major intellect bonus you recive by having 40 intellect on both rings and its really an advantage to enchant your own stuffs combined with the disenchanting to get the mats you need to make your own enchantment . then we have the Tailoring i majorly using the Tailoring to craft important gear or the lightweave embrodery which im not currently using but the back is new and had the mats for 50 intellect so i picked it quick in the Firelands raid i was joining to have it in use directly but the Lightweave embrodery will be on for sure as fast as possibly !.

Reason behind Prime Glyph choices:

Glyph of Mind flay : Well the reason why i picked this one was to get the extra 10 % damage since the Mindflay is a major use for shadowpriests and very very important spam spell while not doting so it was an easy choice of prime glyph.

Glyph of Shadow word : Death : was an easy one aswell with while its giving you a reset on shadow word : death if not available to kill a target below 25 % health its a great useable spell which makes alot of damage aswell.

Glyph of Shadow word :Pain : is a high prioritied spell which u use alot under boss fight whos ticking for alot of dmg and therefor gettin a high damage/dps .

Reasons behind Gems and Enchant choices:

As a spell caster i need alot of intellect since the shadow priestes easily go oom and loosing alot of mana by going into Dispersion i decided to stack alot of mana and then get the main stats by freforging/ gear and i combine alot of gems with 20 + intellect and +20 haste which is very important for a priest aswell the haste back in the ICC days the shadow priestes made a huge dps by only using the haste raiting to get their mind flay running smoothly and the crit u got by your gear so ive decided to prioritise the Intellect -haste-mastery-crit. Enchanting im using majorly the hast raiting but the mastery aswell and thats the basics for my enchanting but on chest its always and easy choice by taking the 20 + stats.

Screenshot of your UI:
im very very sorry but i dont have a screenshot but im using the Tuk ui v3 which got the addon packs i needed as :

Omen : watches my threat and when to fade and just by checking when the tanks have good threat and i can start dpsing my fullest.

Deadly Boss mods: Telling me when to move out of fire and such things the diffrent abilitys the encounters performing.

Recount : Shows me what damage i do and when i maby should pop my cooldowns to get the ultimate damage as i can do.

Grid : Smoother raid pic how the diffrent players health are debuffs and so on very smooth addon .

What sources do you use to stay up to date with your class/spec:

1. Http://www.manaflask.com
• http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/
• http://elitistjerks.com/

Notable Alts / Old Mains:

Tèra lvl 85 Restoration Shaman @ ragnaros server eu
Tidewalker lvl 85 Orc frost Deathknight
Lôcken lvl 85 Human Affliction warlock
Miggadinftw lvl 85 tauren protection paladin
ive been lvling alot of alts since when i dont have anything to do i do enjoy my self by lvling , gearing, getting professions,farming gold so i can get flasks and buff foods for raids.

Previous Raiding experience

Which raids did you do at level 60?Which raids did you do at level 60?:

didnt do much raiding back in the 60s to be honest did molten core once but started playing kind of late in the Vanilla which i regret pretty badly.

Which raids did you do during TBC, before and after patch 3.0.2?:

Back in the BC i was very active in the raiding did bring down Karazhan quick Magtheridon , SSC,TK, Gruul's lair and Black Temple combined with Mount hyjal full clear but then then i struggled in the SWP and didnt get Kil'jaeden down until early in wrath tho i recived two pretty cool titles : Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal which i have as proof as ive been raiding back in the The burning Crusade so cant say more than i was very active and havent been enjoying that much as i did in the Burning crusade.

Which raids did you do during WOTLK?:

Well i played alot on my Shaman called Tèra at Ragnaros server and had full Clear in the Naxxramas , Ulduar , And in ToTc 25 man and ToGc 25 man aswell on the priest Icecrown Citadel i was geeking pretty much what we all been waiting for to fight the Lich King so i did 12/12 normal and 11/12 25 man heroic on shaman before Cataclysm and had Lich king 25 man hc on 24 % pretty unlucky but it was sure damn hard. WoTlk was descent cant say more it wasnt to hard wasnt to easy and not that well balanced in my oppinion did like Cataclysm and The burning Crusade more.

What guild did you progress LK with?:

Dreamers Karazhan EU (Horde) but they are now more named Endeavor on Azjol-nerub (alliance).

What are your reasons for leaving them?:

Well everything Went to slow no progression after icc and they were doing 10 man instead of 25 man and just a surten amount of player could join so wasnt intrested in waiting weeks/months to get a spot by going out and say you are a 25 man guild and getting response on well applications they declinded it so i told them that i couldnt take part in a migration with another guild that i thought was gonna ruin the old good dreamers and what happend now in cataclysm? they didnt work good together and splitted up just as i thought so thats was why i left the guild since the old members turned mad :).

What guild did you progress Cataclysm with?:

In a guild called pLayers on Karazhan EU (Horde) but migrated here to play along with irls instead of being alon at a server i barly enjoy my stay at pLayers are now more on Sylvanas Alliance and called Resurgam , when i tell you this few lines above and over here it seams like im a guild changer oftenly but thats not how it is , i just want to get steady in a guild with descent progress and you got a very good progress that i would love to take part of by having fun sametime making the progress needed so dont get me wrong im a stayer while i get in a guild that i feel good about !

What are your reasons for leaving them?:

Reson why i left them was because i wanted to migrate to a high pop server with my irl mates which i think is a good reason the same time you making the progress you also gonna have fun after and while playing this wonderful game so thats why i left pLayers to have fun and being on a high pop server with skilled and well experienced people like you in Epidemic.


Monday: 4pm-04am

Tuesday: 4pm-4am

Wednseday: 4pm-4 am

Thursday: 4pm - 4am

Friday: 4pm-8pm oftenly id like to go out and take a drink with my friends to celebrate its weekend and no work but ofc if its raid il be online for raid.

Saturday: all day- All night.

Sunday : all day-3-4 am.

How often are you likely to miss a raid?:

Well i wont miss any raids if my schedule is what its saying but if im gonne be delayed or suffering from some illness / sickness short timed il of course let you guys know and maby take 2 days off raiding but nothing what is planned .

Extra Information

Why did you choose Epedemic?:

It was an easy choice to pick Epidemic i talked to Dized and Panzur two amazing oficcers / guild master which met me friendly and apprecitated if i made an application that is what are most important for me to get met up friendly by the ones who keeps this guild going so alot of thumbs up for you two! and the progress is there, the perfect progress and raidtimes which fits me really really good and a big + they are in need of a shadowpriests which most of the guilds on Zenedar are not :( . So thats the mainly things why i picked to apply to Epidemic.

What are your personal in game goals?:

Well my personal ingame goals are to take part of a progression maby the heroic fireland progress which would be a bless to be a part of and just be in a guild who is friendly and having great respons to that is what are important to me having fun / nice guildmembers you can be social with after raids and during the raids.

What are your motivations to raid?:

My motivations are a first kill with the guild your in to just have the feeling " THE BOSS IS DOWN GOOD JOB GUYS" its no better feeling nothing can compare to that that is what keeps me motivated to search for a guild who makes progress and to take part of the progress.

How long do you see yourself with us if you get accepted?:

Forever i hope if no one gets pissed of at me which i really dont hope and kicks me out but if the guild are as friendly as the two people ive talked to i dont see any rebounds by leaving/kicked out of the guild and there by staying my whole world of warcraft career!

Why should we pick you?:

You should pick me since im a Dedicated player who wants to raid and get the progress done i dont care if we wipe 100 times just aslong we keep the mood up and making some improvements on the dmg/boss/percentages im the kind of guy who is patient and always 100 % during the raids and 100% good mood if i can count that in of course hehe :) well its 3 simple reasons why you should take me in for a trial spot and test me if i got what it takes to be a part of Epidemic!

Technical Info

how often do you have disconnections?:

well i have never been disconnecting during any raids or pvp battles so im sadicfied with my network 100/mb sec Fiber so it provides good quality of network.

Anything Else you wanna bring up :

Well i do really hope you see how much i want this and how serious i am while typing this application , and im very sorry for my english but i hope i made my self understood by typing these kinds of sentences take care everyone and hope you enjoyed reading this application! // Exonerator

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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Re: Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator

Post  Panzur Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:14 pm

I've read your application, other then hard lack of punctuation it is a well written application. We'll get back to you in time.

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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Exonerator (Shadow Priest)

Post  teramys Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:58 pm

Im sorry that i didnt get it structered enough but i did my very own best to make an good application that would do for this guild but then its not always easy to make it look structure enough but hope you can read what i wrote atleast Smile


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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Re: Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator

Post  Otsana Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:10 am

Overall a good application. It seems you have put alot of time and effort into this application.

You get a thumbs up from me. but go research Baleroc Heroic and what your role will you will be performing as Spriest are quite suitable for this fight

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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Exonerator (Shadow Priest)

Post  teramys Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:00 pm

Well i will do , since i dont do much at work il grab the computer over there and see some good movies how to do Baelroc heroic wont come to any raid unreaded either for sure Smile


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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Re: Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator

Post  Dized Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:55 am

Seems like we all agree you can be a good addition to our rooster. Approved for trial.

Contact me or one of the officers for an invite.


PS. Read up on the 6 first heroic encounters of firelands. Raggy is not needed to be read up on yet.

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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Exonerator 85 shadow priest

Post  teramys Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:35 am

Sitting at work and watching videos in Firelands heroic and thought id go and check if there is any new updates on forum how ever i got accepted or not and then it pops up ive been Accepted , which really made my day . So a greatful thanks alot for grabbing me in for a Trial rank will be online 4 pm so will /w Dized !


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Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator Empty Re: Accepted - Shadow Priest - Exonerator

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