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Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest

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Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Empty Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest

Post  ingla Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:09 pm

About me
Name: Peter
Age: 25 (26 this year)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Unemployed
Nationality: Swedish
Played: 291 days and 16 days @ 85
Miscellaneous info: Would say that i am calm and a nice person that are willing to help people out if they need help with anything. Live at alone in a apartment in a town called Växjö and that is in Sweden. When i don't play wow i like to hang with friends and when i don't do that i like to drive motorcycle.

About my char:
Name: Inglaa Link to armory
Class: Priest
Level: 85
Talents: Holy / Disc

Holy: Not much to say about the spec most of the talents are basic stuff but are something that i could change and that is to remove all points in "Blessed Resilience" and put them in "Tome of light" but its only really useful in fight where you stack alot most of the fights a stacking phase (or depends on the tactic) and the extra healing 30% healing received is kinda nice to have (not that necessary but feels nice to know that you will be toped off faster). Could also remove all points in "Veiled Shadows" and put them in "Mental Agility"but don't spam renew anymore as holy to mana intense (or alteast i don't do that anymore). But i am always up for a discussion about that talents i should have so don't be afraid to tell me to respec.

About my glyphs the only one that once that i could think about that i could change is the guardian spirit glyph to lightwell once but people have bin slacking with using the lightwell in the beginning so picked the guardian spirit once because of that. The second once is desperation to dispel magic and don't know exactly why i picked desperation really. Once again i always up for a discussion about what glyphs i should use.

Disc: Not much to say about this spec either basic disc spec but did go for the archangel spec for the 15% increase healing done. About my glyphs could change prayer of healing to power word: shield but when i use pws its mostly when a target i toped to prevent the dmg and then its kinda useless. Could change desperation to dispel magic but as i typed before don't know exactly why i picked it over the dispel magic.

Professions: Alchemy (525) / Enchanting (525)

Alchemy did i pick to make my own flasks and to get the extra effect and duration from the flasks.
Enchanting because of the ring enchant and not to have to look for enchanted when i need a enchant

Raiding experience:
Started to raid with my warrior and cleared MC and did 2 bosses in BWL before i changed to my hunter and joined another guild (coming to what guild i have bin in later) and cleared ZG, AQ20, BWL and did some tries on the first boss in AQ40. Changed my main again just before tbc came out to my priest and just did some ZG. In TBC i played with my priest and cleared most of the bosses that where available and when wolk came out i cleared every boss that where available and the majority was on heroic. Now in cata i have bin slacking abit (the leveling killed my spirit) so don't have killed that many heroic bosses.

Summing-up on what i have bin cleared

Classic: Zul'Gurub (cleared), Molten Core (cleared) Blackwing Lair (cleared), Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (cleared), Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (some tries on the first boss)

The Burning Crusade: Karazhan (cleared), Gruul's Lair (cleared), Magtheridon's Lair (cleared), Serpentshrine Cavern (everyone except last boss), The Eye (everyone except last boss), Black Temple (cleared), Hyjal Summit (cleared), Sunwell Plateau (up to muru), Zul'Aman (cleared)

Wrath of the Lich King: Naxxramas 10/25 (cleared), The Eye of Eternity 10/25 (cleared), Ulduar 10/25 (cleared), Trial of the Crusader 10/25 (cleared), The Obsidian Sanctum 10/25 (cleared), Icecrown Citadel 10/25 (cleared), The Ruby Sanctum 25 (cleared). Done most the heroic version that you could do (can't remember all of them).

Cataclysm: Blackwing Descent (3/6 hc), The Bastion of Twilight (1/5 hc), Throne of the Four Winds (1/2 hc). Have done all bosses on normal.

Guilds history:
Started out with join my friends guild Expendable Forces @ Lightning's Blade and after the disband i joined Prime @ Lightning's Blade and the i changed my main to my priest and they didn't need a priest so joined some random guild until TBC came out. In TBC i joined Blood Brigade @ Shattered Hand and left them because i wanted a more hardcore guild and then i joined Divine @ Frostmane but we disband. Got a invite to Essence @ Frostmane and was with them until a couple of weeks before WoLK came out. WoLK i joined Blood Brigade agian because i missed the people in the guild and was with them until blizzard made it possible to faction change so me and some in the guild did. We started you own guild (cant remember the name) but after our MT quited wow and we couldn't get in decent people so we joined another guild called Partings Way. They had some problem too so we go a question from the officer in Partings Way about follow them to a merge with another guild and then we where called Bane (think we was called that was alot of chancing name and server there).

We changed server because of reason i can't remember (just followed the guild) to Dragonmaw and there we couldn't find good enough people to the guild so we changed server again to Ragnaros. By then we where called Bisham Priory and before cata came out i left the guild to raid with some real life friend friends was really bored at wow at this time so wanted to have see if it was more fun to raid with my real life friends but like a mention before the leveling killed all my fun of the game (was trouble with getting the game at the launch and so on). When i hit 85 my friends didn't need a priest so i made a apply to Bisham Priory again to raid with them and not long after i joined they decided to disband the guild because we didn't have enough good people and they where holing us down. After that i had a little break but got a offer from a old guildie that asked if i wanted to join there guild here on Zenedar and raided with them some but i left them because i didn't like the people in the guild and now i looking for a new guild that are semi hardcore.

Summing-up on what guild i have bin in
Classic: Expendable Forces @ Lightning's Blade and Prime @ Lightning's Blade

The Burning Crusade: Blood Brigade @ Shattered Hand, Divine @ Frostmane and Essence @ Frostmane.

Wrath of the Lich King: Blood Brigade @ Shattered Hand, Partings Way @ Shattered Hand and can't remember all the name change that we had with that guild but like i type before we ended up with the name Bisham Priory @ Ragnaros

Cataclysm: Bisham Priory @ Ragnaros, Flatline @ Zenedar and my friends guild think it was called Klans of noobs


Ui and binds: Screen #1/2, Screen #2/2 more or less the same bindings on my disc spec

Computer: AMD2 64 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, 275gtx, windows 7 64.
Laptop: intel i3 2.13ghz, 4gb ram, radeon hd 5650, windows 7 64.

Network: 24/1 adsl2+ isp netatonce. Having some problem with the phone line that are going in to the house so cant do that much about it more then wait until they fix fiber optic yo the house (and don't know how long it will take they sad around 8 weeks) so will have some problems with disconnecting.

What should you expect from me and what should i want from you (epidemic):
I hate to fail on stuff and if i do fail i look at what i could do to not repeat again. I like to come prepared to the raid with flasks, food and repaired. I expect from epidemic a nice and social guild that know how to focus during raids.

Ventrilo: Have a headset and a microphone that works

Running out of energy but if there is anything that you like to know just ask me but like to point out again that i have some problem with my net.

EDIT! Know what the problem is and its the heat that makes me lose me DSL signal so not much i can do about it more then live with it until i get fiber optic

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Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Empty Re: Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest

Post  Dized Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:01 am

I have seen your application, but due to some unfortunate, yet needed, consumption of alcohol, i will be absent untill Sunday.

You can expect me to make a proper reply shortly after my return.

Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Minst

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Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Empty Re: Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest

Post  Otsana Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:55 am

Best Priest ive been lucky enough to play with. Good luck my friend.

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Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Empty Re: Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest

Post  Dized Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:14 pm

Approved for trial. Impress.


Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Minst

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Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest Empty Re: Accepted - Inglaa - Holy / Disc priest

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