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Declined - Holy pala application

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Declined - Holy pala application Empty Declined - Holy pala application

Post  Saumonfumé Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:25 pm

About me:

Im 24, im from France. I'm a very active raider. I have a good knowledge of my class and i only play holy pala cause thats my favorite class.
As a raider im an ontime person, i can attend 4raid days per week. And i ll put a lot of self effort to improve myself. Talking with vent or TS is not a problem for me.

Guild History:

I've been in 2 raid guild. The first was killing time with a 10man raid frames. The second and present guild is physix with a 25man frames.

My character:

My character is : Saumonfumé i have 2different holy spec. its usefull when we clear in one night all bwd or bot.

My professions are Enchantement and Jewelcrafting. Both are usefull cause together its + 145 intel.
Im also cooker(490), archeo(525), first aid (480) and fisher (300)

My raiding experience:

I'm fairly new in this game so i only have experience with cataclysm patch.
Ive done 12/12 in normal mode in 10man mode and 25man mode
And in heroic mode Maloriak 10man
Magmaw 25man
Atramedes 10man and 25man

I would like to join your guild cause i prefer 10man frames than 25man, moreover ur guild seems to be a good raiding guild.
I'm really interested in heroic progression.



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Declined - Holy pala application Empty Re: Declined - Holy pala application

Post  Dized Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:49 am

First of all, pure +40spirit gems? Why oh why?

Second of all, theres not really an opening in our guild for another holy paladin.

- Declined -

Best of luck,
Regards Dized

Declined - Holy pala application Minst

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